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2002 Lamborghini Murcielago

Yes, that's right, a 60,000 mile Murcielago! 

This Rosso Andromeda Murcielago was prepared to display in the 2013 Philadelphia International Auto Show, my fourth consecutive year preparing vehicles for display, as some will remember the Spyker C8 Spyder I took down last year! 

Needing some attention, as the owner thoroughly and rightfully enjoys his vehicle, we got to work approximately 2-3 weeks before the roll in. Addressing things like the aged window tint, replaced by our good friends at Shades of Gray. Then refinishing the curbed wheels to a darker more aggressive color, to tie in the tint as well. Then after 30+ hours of detail work, I corrected, polished, fine polished and ceramic coated this finish to give it a much younger appearance. Being one of my favorite cars, and the fourth Murcielago body I've worked on (LP640 included) I was elated to do another!